Jeffery Dahmer


Intro/What is your paper about? (i.e., who is the person)
Literature Reviw & History/ What is history of your research Paper? (i.e., childhood info.)
Criminal Typology/What type of crime is your research topic (i.e., violent, property, enterprise, public order)? Why?
Criminological Theory/What theory of crime causation applies to your research topic? (You can use more than one theory)
Theory Justification/Why do you feel tour selected theory applies?
Outcome/Whatwas the outcome or what should be the outcome?
Conclusion/Prevention-Past Future?
Works Cited/Bibliography

The four pages do NOT include the cover page or works cited.

Double Spaced
Times New Roman 12 Point Font (Bolded Text for Headings Only)
Margins: 1″ all around
Numbered Pages

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