Justification and Evaluation of IT-based Innovation projects

papers should be an objective, informed, andreflective analysis of the insights and ideas contained within the assigned reading, a personal reflection on the lessons suggested by the assigned readings, and a discussion of the potential application of these lessons for business and management practice. You may agree or disagree with the lessons contained in the readings, but you must support your opinion with informed argument. The purpose of these CALRAP papers is that the process of thoughtful reflection, writing, and application will contribute significantly to your learning and understanding of the course content.

The following list of questions is offered to help you to develop your thoughts for the CALRAP papers. As you read each article and book chapter, identify (highlight/underline) sections of the articles that address the points below or more generally that strike you as being interesting. Makes notes in the margins of the readings about your reactions, why you think particular points are interesting/controversial/incorrect, note questions and thoughts about possible practical implications for business and management.

Then, having read through all the readings, consider the following questions across all the assigned readings (i.e. not on a reading by reading basis):

1. What are the main ideas and themes that are suggested within and across the assigned readings?

2. Critical Analysis: Are the authors’ arguments and analyses convincing to you? Based upon previous readings and/or your own experiences, what are the major points that you agree with? What are the major points that you disagree with, or consider to be inappropriate for practice? Are there major issues or considerations that the authors have ignored? Do the authors anticipate and answer important counter-arguments? What evidence can you offer in support of your opinions? (e.g. personal experience, other articles you have read for this or other courses, application to the case studies)

3. Learning Reflection: What are the main lessons that these readings suggest to you? What new knowledge and insights about the session topic were revealed to you (either directly or indirectly) that you intend applying in the future? Are the lessons and implications that the authors suggest reasonable? Are they useful? Are the lessons consistent with readings from earlier sessions, and/or with your personal experience?

4. Application to Practice: In what contexts will you attempt to apply the lessons you have learned from the assigned readings? How will you apply the lessons? What caveats will you need to consider as you attempt to apply these lessons? What are the implications of these lessons for business and management practice in the future?

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