Juvenile Delinquency

Directions: Interview one respondent based on your research topic. Find out this person’s attitudes/ beliefs/behaviors related to your topic. You will need to develop an interview protocol to guide your interview.  Ask at least 10 questions that address your research topic. Audio record or take notes of the interview. It is best to type up notes from interview or key themes from transcripts in order to fill in gaps. You do not need to hand in these notes or transcripts. Interview length will vary, but plan on 45 minutes to 1 hour. Please attach your interview protocol as an appendix.
In your write up of your interview(s), please answer the following questions (Typed, double-spaced, at least 4 pages). Please write in an essay format, not numbered responses and don’t give each interview question asked or each response. The bulk of your paper will be key themes or findings from the interview. Up to 3 extra percentage points will be added to your total grade if you cover the following topics.
1.    Why did you choose this person to interview and where did you interview him/her?
2.    How does he/she relate to your research topic?
3.    Tell me about your respondent’s background (i.e. race/ethnicity, gender, age, occupation, education, SES, etc.)
4.    What key themes/findings emerged from interview? How does this person’s responses shed light on your research topic? Summarize their responses with occasional quotations.
5.    What went well with the interview? (i.e. introduction/closing, rapport, clarity of questions, effective probes, timing of questions, etc.)
6.    What challenges did you have with the interview? (i.e. introduction/closing, rapport, managing questions, timing of question, responsiveness of interviewee, ineffective probes, etc.)
7.    In retrospect, what additional questions or themes would you ask the respondent if you had the chance?
Include a copy of your interview questions

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