1. How does the way that I operationally define degrees of freedom differ from the anatomical-related definition of degrees of freedom?

2. State how you will apply degrees of freedom in a gym, rehab, or coaching setting, as I define it here for our purposes.

Degrees of freedom: the number of separate independent dimensions of movement in a system that must be controlled.
This is a motor learning concept. Think of it this way: if you are teaching a new motor skill to someone that has never strength trained, would you prefer to start with a biceps curl or a stationary lunge?
Once you begin the process of teaching, the degrees of freedom tells us how many joints you have to focus on as first prime movers and then secondary and stabilizers. This is critical once we take Kinesiology into the workplace. We cannot teach movement if we cannot break it down.
The concept of degrees of freedom moves us from what moves to how we learn and control what moves. Any person that works with anyone in a movement setting must understand the concept of intersegmental coordination (pulling the entire body together to produce one movement."

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