Koreans in Los Angeles

Koreans are known to be an ethnic group that stems from the Korean peninsula and Manchuria. Research shows that this group of people is the most ethnical and linguistic homogeneous groups worldwide. Korean group has been viewed by the western countries as the most remote nation in the entire world. This is because the region has been isolated from the western world for along period yet it is ranked among the countries holding a center stage globally neighboring the three world powers like China, Japan and the former Soviet Union.

Koreans are noted to live in Korea town near Mid-Wilshire district of the Los Angeles state in California and it is recognized for its concentration of Korean American people and institutions. According to statistics, Korea town in Los Angeles is ranked amongst the most populated town occupying a three square mile in the entire Los Angeles neighborhoods. Generally, statistics show that a good number of Koreans approximately a quarter million stay in the Los Angeles riverside orange county san Bernardino Ventura metro area.

Political or historical reasons for Korean settlement in Los Angeles area

The history of the Korean group settlement in United States of America began at the time when more laborers were needed to work in the farms of the Hawaii’s plantation from 1903 to 1905. Therefore, above six thousand Koreans were employed after the Chinese laws concerning labor immigration were eliminated. The second settlement of the Koreans in the United States of America and in Los Angeles was the American intervention in the war during 1950s. For instance, the soldiers from America who lived in Korea got involved with Korean women and brought them in America, sometimes they organized for adoption of Korean orphans who lost their parents during the war and the Korean students were offered sponsorship in the United States of America. Statistics reveal that, averagely five thousand students were offered education sponsorship in the country, six thousand orphaned children were adopted and six thousand more brides were brought in the country between 1950 and 1964. This shows that these groups add up to above a hundred thousand for each group.

Private sector

Private Education

Research shows that education is highly valued by the Korean group and thus is willing to persevere all sorts of challenges in order to get an advanced education-training while in Los Angeles. A good number of youths view education as the only means through which they hope to enhance their social status. Therefore, to achieve this, most of these youngsters enroll in school institutions that have Korean languages in Los Angeles. For instance, the Beverly Hills Lingual institute is known to be the most attended learning institution by the Korean students. The institution has classes for private and corporate programs.

According to Zahniser (2010), the comprehensive schedule of Los Angeles Korean classes represents the needs of the students currently and the predicted requirements of the new admitted students as possible. The Korean children in need of private Korean lessons meet once in a week specifically on Saturdays for only eighty minutes and this is usually during an eight-week term. The Beverly Hills is the institution that offers Korean classes and any school-going child is free to attend the classes despite the age. The address of the institution is 439 N Canon Dr. Ste 207. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 858-0717.

Religious worship

The Korean language is always used in churches. For instance, every morning services of the third Sunday in a month is offered in Korean language, whereas the fourth Sunday is preached in language to attract the young generation. In addition, the preachers include missionaries, American ministers and other denominational leaders. The religious texts or bible is written in both Korean and English.

Stores /supermarkets

The Korean business life in Los Angeles presents a picture of low business opportunities because they have limited choice of businesses to venture in due to discriminating in terms of race. Therefore, most of their stores and supermarkets in Los Angeles are referred to as Chinese supermarket or glossaries.


Newspapers /magazines

There is a special local newspaper written in the Korean language known as the Korea, which is officially published by the Korean National Association in Los Angeles. The newspaper is always issued on Thursday from the headquarters at West Jefferson Boulevard Los Angeles.

Legal services

There are legal firms advertising their services in the Korean language and this includes advertisements on the social consciousness and advertising for some display.

Most of the festivals held by the Korean group in Los Angeles are in most cases in Korean language where there are dances organized and songs sung in Korean language.

Special occupations

According to Los Angeles Almanac (2007), it is not easy for a Korean to acquire a professional occupation in Los Angeles. This is because of the problem of non-citizenship and race prejudice within the Los Angeles. Any Korean citizen cannot get a chance in areas such as law and teaching especially in public schools. Even currently, Koreans who have the United States citizenship are still getting it hard to utilize their profession in their fields or career. Even the present statistics shows that, no Korean in Los Angeles County has managed to attain a position in fields such as law, engineering, dentist or even in education.

Radio/ TV

There are a good number of Radio and TV stations broadcasting in Korean language and other available on cable and online Korean radio and television stations broadcasting in Korean language and this may include Arirang TV station.


Some restaurants in the region serve Korean food. The menus are written in both English and Korean in order to help those who do not understand Korean or English to know what they need.

Driving school\

It is possible for a Korean citizen staying in Los Angeles to learn driving lessons in Korean language although in most cases English is applied.

Public sector/ government services

Government services provided in Korean language includes voting information, driving law booklets, and medical information.

Final question

To a small extent, the Korean language is used regularly by people from the Korea in Los Angeles on a daily basis especially within the group. However, the young people from these heritage groups are noted not to use the language on a daily basis because they keep on associating with other young people from America hence they use English language in most cases.

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