Kraft Martketing in Latin America Vs the United States

Your instructions are below Please follow. You must use the same heading and titles .
The Research question is How is Kraft Marketing approach in Latin American Different than in United States.
Research Paper Proposal Abstract Guide
(Requirements by Dr. Edward P. Sakiewicz)
Preparation Overview
You must not choose an extremely broad subject matter and topic to research and
discuss. You will need to develop a narrow topic. Your abstract needs to explain what
your research paper will address and what problems, challenges or cases you will
present and analyze and how you will synthesize all the material in a narrowly-focused
well-research paper. I simply do no want a report, but a topic that addresses and
applies your learning of the material in this course.
Please revisit my sample documents that guide you in planning and writing a research
paper and submit an abstract that is clear and narrow in focus.
TIP: Try not to solve all the problems in your discussion, but focus on one or two (a
question(s) or hypotheses) and hone in on effective ways to improve/fix/enhance things
for the community it serves and is most important to.
It is important when planning your final research paper to write a proposal and an
abstract that outlines the research you will do and what your paper will address.
Depending on your subject and your discipline (i.e. Marketing Management, Strategic
Planning, and the like), the page length for this assignment will vary. Please consult
your Professor, Chair or Mentor regarding the appropriate length of the research paper
in your discipline.
For this research paper proposal abstract exercise please keep your abstract to less
than 1-2 pages.
Research Paper Proposal Abstract Details
A research paper proposal abstract is a concise, stand-alone statement that conveys the
essential information of the research paper. It should present the summary of the
research including your research question, why it is important to study this question and
the methods you will (or have used) to address this question. It should be at least 200
words or more.
DO NOT confuse this abstract with your final paper abstract as they are not one and the
same. Please be advised that final research paper abstract (versus a proposal abstract),
are the last section written. They are a summary of the research performed and by
contrast, less than 200 words in length (see Sample Research Paper).
Possible Format for Research Proposal
Depending on your discipline your proposal may include different categories than the
ones listed below. However, this can serve as a basic format for a proposal.
I. Introduction. Describes your research interest. What is exciting about your research?
Include a brief overview of the related literature. The introduction typically begins with a
general statement of the problem area, with a narrow and well-defined focus on a
specific research problem, to be followed by the rationale or justification for the proposed
II. Research Question(s)
III. Literature Review. This section demonstrates that you have knowledge of what
other research has been done on your topic. This section sets up the justification for
your research.
NOTE: Only a sampling of publications and primary and secondary research is required
for the research paper proposal abstract. A more in depth and comprehensive Literature
review can be incorporated into your final research paper.
IV. Methodology. The Method section is very important because it explains how you
plan to tackle your research problem. It will provide a work plan and describe the
activities necessary for the completion of your project. The method section typically
consists of the following sections:
1. Design – Is it a case study, questionnaire study or a qualitative versus
quantitative examination or experiment? What kind of design will you choose?
2. Cases, Subjects or Participants – What organizations, individuals or case studies
will you be examining as part of your study?
3. Instruments – What kind of measuring instruments or questionnaires will you use,
if applicable? Why did you choose them? Are they valid and reliable?
4. Procedure – How do you plan to carry out your study? What activities are
involved? How long does it take?
V. You won’t have results at this point, but you can advance your thesis.
You need to have some idea about what kind of data you will be collecting, and what
procedures you will use in order to answer your research question or test your
It is important to convince your reader of the potential impact of your proposed research.
You may also want to mention the limitations and weaknesses of the proposed research.
Research Proposal and Abstract Resources
– Sample Works Provided – Review the works provided by me In Week 1 as
o Writing Research Papers – A Step-by-Step Guide
o An Approach to Case Study Analysis 0 How to Write a Case Study
o Sample Research Paper – “Marketing Success & Customer Value”
o Written Paper Template & Tips & Tricks
– Another source is – “How to Write a Research Proposal”
By Paul T. P. Wong, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Research Director at Trinity Western University Langley, BC, Canada


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