In completing the assessment task overleaf students are required to demonstrate their ability to;

•    Demonstrate the ability to judge, select and or formulate effective leadership tools

•    Demonstrate mastery of a set of practical leadership skills.

•    Review, evaluate and propose solutions to scenarios typical for leaders in industry and arrive at possible solutions working in a team environment

•    Recognize the subjectivity in ethical and leadership issues and construct reason arguments for ones opinion or recommendations.

Part A) Case Study  (2,000 – 2500 words)

In preparing Part A of this assessment, please consider the following case report format with respect to the Case in Appendix 1.


It is recommended your essay follows the following format

•    Key Feature or Problem Statement.  You should provide a brief statement of the key leadership or moral problem you have chosen to analyze.  Be sure to focus on a problem – not a symptom.  Typically this is not more than 2-3 sentences.  You should focus on one problem – even if the situation you discuss contains more than one.  All of your subsequent analysis should be directly related to this problem. 10 Marks

•    Situation Analysis.  Summarize the key factors, themes and issues in the situation you are describing and how they contribute to the Key problem identified above. This should drive your subsequent recommendations.  Don’t list all the facts just focus on facts that are relevant to the problem you identified.     20 Marks

•    Recommendation.  Describe and critically evaluate how you would resolve the problem you identified from a leadership perspective. You may list the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen course of action and if relevant consider any ethical issues that would need to be addressed.  15  Marks

•    Negotiation Plan.  Referring to the negotiation tools discussed during the module how would you resolve the problem you identified?  The implementation should be practical, consider the costs and benefits, and include some type of time frame.  These are essential elements and sometimes require making some assumptions – make the assumptions necessary to put forth your plan.  30 Marks

The essay should also have appropriate references and a conclusion.

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