Learning Disability Report

Learning Disability Report

1) The first part of this assignment is to create a Definition Chart that defines learning disabilities and communication disorders, identifying characteristics and causes, and describing, with examples, effective teaching strategies and placement options. APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

2) The second part of the assignment is to write an essay between 1,000-1,250 words, in which you examine, through two of the following activities, the impact of learning disabilities and or communication disorders on student achievement.

a) Visit your local school district and discover how policies, procedures, and programs are implemented for the education of students with learning disabilities and/or communication disorders.

b) Explain learning disability to concerned parents.

c) At a local school, investigate how those policies, procedures, and programs are implemented with individual students with disabilities. Attend an IEP meeting of a student with learning disabilities and/or communication disorders. Visit, observe, and participate in both inclusionary and special education settings serving students with special needs. Interview related service providers and educators who work with students with special needs to ascertain effective practices with students with special needs.

d) Interview a speech-language therapist. Ask what you could do to enhance the therapist’s work with a student in your classroom.

e) Interview parents of a child with learning disabilities and/or communication disorders to find out what they would like teachers to do to help their child in school


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