Legal contract

The first step is to determine what each party wants out of the document, then analyze the document and state what needs are covered and which ones are not. If the need isn’t covered, then state what the document should say. please go over the Assignment sheet

BSIS 496

Assignment 9

Fall 2011

This assignment involves the examination and critical analysis of a legal document dealing with computer services.  The university (CSU Chico Foundation) provides SAP services to other universities throughout the world.  You are to examine the legal agreement provided with this assignment.


You are to analyze the agreement from the point of view of both the client university (the university that will be using CSU Chico’s services) and CSU Chico.  You are to determine what attributes each of the two parties should desire and then critique the provided legal document to determine if the document provides protection with respect to each of these requirements for each of the two parties.


This assignment will be graded on both the quality of your written expression and the content of your answers.  This assignment is limited to a maximum of six pages.  You must submit an electronic copy of your assignment via Vista and a paper copy in class by Monday October 31, 2011.



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