Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business

The papers should discuss the law as it applies to this case and demonstrate your knowledge of the legal issues and legal reasoning.

The case:
Brigitte Godot was an extremely successful sales representative for International Widgets, Inc. Her business card read, “Sales Wizard,” which reflected the light-hearted work climate of a company in which the Chief Executive Officer’s card reads “Incredibly Brilliant Leader.” One month ago, she persuaded P.A. Kettle to buy $20,000 in widgets for his construction company by telling him that if he made the deal within 24 hours, he’d get a free trip to Paris. The written agreement that P.A. later signed, however, said nothing about any free trip and, after repeated phone calls, all P.A. could get from Brigitte – aside from the widgets – was a bus ticket to Paris, Texas. International Widgets, Inc. learned of the situation and fired Brigitte but it has refused to pay Mr. Kettle anything regarding the trip. P.A. Kettle is suing International Widgets, Inc. for breach of contract.

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