Letter of Qualifications

For many projects, organizations will solicit a statement of qualifications from prospective bidders. This is a Request for Qualifications or a (fictional) accounting firm, requesting such input. This is a project my team carry out!

Prepare a Letter of Qualifications for my team. This letter should include information about my team members qualifications and experience (you are free to exaggerate) and whether we can meet the proposed deadline. This letter is also our chance to convince the company soliciting bids why us should be given a chance to bid on the project.


Idlewild Accounting

222 5th Ave

Seattle, WA 98196


Idle wild Accounting is a mid-size accounting firm located in Seattle, WA.  With ten accountants and one administrative staff member, we are planning to upgrade from a mixture of desktop systems to one standard desktop that will support our accounting needs.  This system will ultimately be networked and linked to several file and resource-sharing servers.  This Request for Qualifications is seeking applicants to recommend, install and support the desktop units.  Our timeline for having these units in place is April 2011.

Please respond to this Request for Qualifications with a letter of interest.  Indicate your team qualifications as well as experience in performing this type of a project.  Also indicate your ability to complete the project by the required date.


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