RESEARCH PAPER: Final Project “The Missing Works”

Now is your chance to share readings from the book that we’ve missed—if you find something really good who knows? Maybe the next time we have this class your readings will be on our list.

• Please select two readings from the book that we have not covered in class. You can pick them by author (someone you’re interested in), by region (using the Table of Contents) or by Theme – use the “Thematic Table of Contents” on pp. 803-809.

• Read these works and then use the EBSCO Database to find at least five (5) articles about the authors, the countries and historical periods they are associated with, and any articles about these particular works. (Let me know if you don’t get enough material, I may be able to help).

• Prepare a research paper that summarizes the contents of the articles and books you’ve read; compare and contrast what these authors say about the reading.
Last but not least – submit a brief summary of your work for our class to share!

Your research paper should be 5-7 pages long, and include at least 5 bibliographic references in addition to the stories you have read.


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