1. E-Commerce Law by Paul Todd
  2. E-Commerce 2018 business. technology. society by Kenneth C. Laudon and Carol Guercio Traver
  3. Making Law for Cyberspace by Chris Reed
  4. Law and the Internet: A Foundation for Electronic Commerce (3rd ed.) by Lilian Edwards and Charlotte Waelde
  5. Information Technology Law (5th ed.) by Diane Rowland. Uta Kohl and Andrew Charlesworth
  6. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by Paul Voigt and Axel Von dem Bussche
  7. The Law of E-Commerce: E-Contracts, E-Business by Dr. Abdulhadi M. Alghamdi
  8. The Law of Electronic Commerce by Alan Davidson
  9. Law of Electronic Commercial Transactions: Contemporary Issues in the EU, US and China by Faye Fangfei Wang
  10. Transborder Data Flows and Data Privacy Law by Christopher Kuner
  11. Asian Data Privacy Laws – Trade and Human Rights Perspectives by Graham Greenleaf


  1. Data protection, information security and cloud computing by Simon Stokes
  2. While your back was turned… the Asia data protection outlook in 2018 by Carolyn Bigg
  3. Can data protection solve the problem of microtargeting, manipulation of internet users and fake news by Christopher Wenn
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