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Literature Review - Accurate Essays

Literature Review

This is the next section of the project that you all stated for me. I will upload everything that has been done before.

u07a1 Literature Review

For this assignment, you will locate your suggested research study in the existing scholarly literature and provide evidence of potential gaps in knowledge. Your document should compare the major categories of research and format your resources according to APA guidelines. Your document should include a minimum of five resources from the following types of sources:

  • Articles published in peer-reviewed, scholarly, and scientific journals.
  • Books written by those conducting research in the field.
  • Other sources in the field, such as existing databases, institutional reports, AARs, GAO Reports, and so forth.

For each resource, complete the following:

  • A critical evaluation.
  • Classify of each research by major category of research.
  • Compare resources and explain where each fits in the body of research.

Review the Literature Review scoring guide to ensure you have met all of the requirements for this assignment.


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