Male circumcision may decrease penile sensitivity

Research Paper: (150 points).

Each student will write a 10-page research paper to include the following details:

1.Abstract, title and introduction(40 points):  Is the title specific and do the introductory
comments explain what will be discussed in the paper? Is the topic new, timely and not addressed
in detail in the textbook . Is the abstract clearly stated? Select a topic that is new or novel and not
currently addressed in detail in the textbook.

2. Main ideas(60 points): Are there 5 specific main ideas listed and described in detail?  Do they
relate to the college age adult? Do the ideas describe the impact on current multimedia issues and

3.Conclusions and recommendations(40 points): Did the author present specific conclusions
based upon the research? Are conclusions clearly stated and reflect the research presented? Are
there recommendations for further study?

4. References and citations(10 points): Are all the references carefully formatted with APA and
authors listed correctly throughout the text of the paper on all citations?

Textbook: Hock, R. (2012).  Human Sexuality 3rd ed. Pearson Education, New Jersey. (looseleaf)
(txt+olcard+ebook) (custom) (a) ISBN: 9781256470687, ISBN-10: 1256470686

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