Manageable Student Loans

•    Tuition and Fees Calculator
•    Repayment Options by iGrad

Many students take out student loans to pay for education, resulting in high debt for recent graduates. For this activity, assume you will use federal student loans.

Create an educational financial plan by completing steps 1, 2, and 3 in the Tuition and Fees Calculator.

Write a 350-to 700-word paper that outlines the path you plan to take to fund your education.
Include the following:
o    Explain what choices a student can make to reduce the amount borrowed
o    Explain/highlight areas where you felt compelled to borrow more to cover expenses or managed to trim back your borrowed amounts
o    Options to make your student loan payment more manageable in order to avoid delinquency and default

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Additional Resources from the Center for Writing Excellence:
•    Grammar Girl: Subject-Verb Agreement

•    Subject-Verb Agreement

•    Verbs

Post your paper to your instructor as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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