critique of a scholarly journal article

Grint, K. (2005). Problems, problems, problems: The social construction of leadership™. Human Relations, 58(11), 1467 -1494.

. Write a 1000 word critique of a scholarly journal article. You must choose one of the three articles listed below. Your critique will summarise the main issues being addressed by the author(s). Along with your summary, describe the author’s research methodology, and their theory of knowledge. You will need to reference other texts (between 10 and 15) in order offer your informed opinion.

The option is:

Grint, K. (2005). Problems, problems, problems: The social construction of ‘leadership’. Human Relations, 58(11), 1467–1494.


Read your article several times and reflect on what attracts you to the article.  What makes you agree or disagree with it? You may love or hate it.  Think about what resonates with you or what clashes with your opinion.  Try to focus on and analyse the author(s) epistemology.  Epistemology simply means ‘theory of knowledge’ and all authors have a  theory of how they arrive at their conclusions.  Once you have figured this out, analyse the research method that has been used.  Most research methods derive from an epistemology.

To write your critique, begin first with a brief summary of the article.  Then note your findings about your agreement or disagreement with the basic ideas promoted in the article.

Comment about where or how you think the ideas can be improved.  Make certain your introductory paragraph states the name of the article you are critiquing.  Cite this article and reference it in your reference list.

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