Write a five to seven page paper about different conflict resolution styles, persuasion techniques, and negotiation strategies. How could you apply these to your current work setting? Using the Dow and Taylor book as one reference, read and cite at least two other sources regarding conflict, persuasion, and negotiation in the project environment. Written assignment formatting requirements are: Times New Roman font, 12-pt, double-spaced. Any sources should be cited using the American Psychological Association (APA) style and format. Papers must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. See the Resources area for helpful writing skills websites. Project Management Communications Bible (Dow & Taylor, 2008) As far as it relating to work Im in the navy and im in a mangagement position and you can use any management situation for using negotiating techniques for the paper. I will also upload some qoutes for the writer to use from Dow and Taylor if he the writer can not find the book.

Project Management Communications Bible (Dow & Taylor, 2008)

Quotes and pages they are located

People inherently deal with conflict in two ways; they use flight or fight.  Flight is simple; it involves removing yourself from the conflict and avoiding it completely. Fight is much more difficult because it involves you standing up, protecting yourself, and “fighting” for what your believe.  Page 62.

Personal note I prefer to fight and not flight

As a project manager, you will encounter conflicts on your projects, and how you deal with them will be critical to the success of the project. Page 63

Cooperative problem solving is working together to solve issues and problems in a workable environment.  Generally, it also ends in a better working relationship by both parties. Page 63

Competing style is about the gaining of power and control over the person you are in conflict with.   Competing is learned behavior from early childhood and is reinforced by the thousands of conflicts you encounter every day. Nobody is strong enough mentally to compete in every situation, everyday, against every person. Page 63

When one person in the conflict surrenders and puts his interests behind the other person the accommodating style is used. That person (who surrenders) feels that it is more important to keep a close relationship and harmony with the person they have a conflict. Page 64






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