Discussion Question 3.1: Whole Foods (Strategic Analysis & Evaluation)
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Gain an Understanding of the Case Study

I suggest you do the following:

1. Download and read the “Guide to Case Analysis”

2. This is a Case Study entitled “Whole Foods Market in 2010: Vision, Core Values, and Strategy.”

3. View the following videos and visit the Whole Foods Market website to gain a greater understanding of Whole Foods and its strategy.

a. John Mackey’s Conscious Capitalism: The Whole Foods CEO on Health Care, Veganism, and Free Markets –

b. Whole Foods Market Seafood Sustainability Rating Program –

c. Also, visit the Whole Foods Market website at

Prepare a Written Case Analysis

Once you have a thorough understanding of Whole Foods write a comprehensive written case analysis (1) identifying all the pertinent issues that management needs to address, (2) perform whatever analysis and evaluation (e.g., Five Forces, SWOT, PESTLE, financial ratios, etc.) as appropriate (see note below), and (3) propose an action plan and set of recommendations addressing the issues you have identified.

Note: Each participant enters this course with different preparation. As such, while you are not expected to be an accounting or finance professional, as a manager you are expected to be able to perform basic analysis and evaluation of an organization. Do your very best in completing an analysis and evaluation of the case.

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