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management information system

Numerous web sites are available that will test your Internet data communications speed. One good site is (If that site is no longer active, Google What is my Internet speed? to find another speed-testing site.)

1. While connected to your university’s network, go to Speakeasy and test your speed against servers in Seattle, New York City, and Atlanta. Note your average upload and download speeds.
2. Go home, or to a public wireless site, and run the Speakeasy test again. Note your average upload and download speeds. If you are performing this test at home, are you getting the performance you are paying for?
3. Contact a friend or relative in another state or country. Ask him or her to run the Speakeasy test against those same three cities and give you the upload and download speeds.
4. Compile your resulting data in ONE of the following ways:
a. Using the PRINT SCREEN button (upper right-hand corner of your keyboard), take a screen shot of the results from steps 1, 2, & 3 and paste into your Word document.
b. Construct a table, listing your results.
5. Compare and contrast your results, draw your conclusions, and write up your findings.
a. Are you getting what you’re paying for?
b. Why do you think the results vary so much?
c. Any additional information?

Visit the following Web pages (you can also consult other sources), then discuss the issues and concerns related to net neutrality. How might net neutrality affect your local Internet Service Provider?

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