Managing Information & Technology

You are required to produce a critical assessment of the role that IT plays in Walmart in their pursuit of gaining competitive advantage

Through addressing the set requirements of the assignment, students are expected to demonstrate course concepts and ideas studied in the course. In addition, students ought to demonstrate their analytical skills, and communicate using management terms or language.

The assignment requires students to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge, and therefore requires adequate research work.

The report should typically include:

1.    An executive summary (Maximum 200 words)
2.    Table of contents
3.    Main body of the report
4.    Listing of references/bibliography

Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:-

1.  Understand the role, identity, and relationship of information systems to business and business processes, to organisations, and to management and management functions within economies and the wider dimensions of the global economy
2.  Understand and define the role of networks, data and information handling, network technologies and their use, in modern business and organisational environments
3.  Identify, describe, and discuss how information technologies contribute to the role, position and function of business, organisations, and economies in contemporary environments

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