1.Interpretation of the research. Write 700–800 words interpreting the data collection results. This section should include the following: ◦Refine the final results and your interpretation of the data collected from the Key Assignment draft last week.
◦Include an explanation of 3 key highlights from the data showing how the company can use this information to understand its customers’ perceptions of the organization and its product portfolio in the marketplace.
◦Add at least 1 chart to graphically depict your findings.
◦Include a final recommendation on how the company can use the research.

2.Executive summary. Write an executive summary of 500–600 words about key highlights of the research proposal. Add the following information to this section: ◦Why was this research important?
◦How can the research help the company improve its position in its industry with its competitors and customers?
◦Include any final observations, suggestions, and recommendations on how to use the research.

3.The final proposal. Compile the necessary sections, and organize the final proposal as follows: ◦Title page
◦Table of contents
◦Executive summary
◦Problem definition
◦Objectives of the research
◦Research design
◦Limitations of the study
◦Interpretation of results
◦Suggestions and recommendations
◦Observations, suggestions, and recommendations for how to use the research

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