Strategic Marketing Plan Project
To demonstrate knowledge of strategic formulation and implementation through a complete analysis and development strategic plan.

Assume that you have been hired as VP of Strategic Marketing for the organization you selected. You have been asked to develop the new strategic marketing direction and the plan of implementation covering all 4 P’s of marketing.
The Strategic Marketing Plan will be developed in 3 parts
Part 1
•    Analysis of Market Information, SWOT Analysis, Identification of Competitive Advantages, Selection of Strategic Focus

Part 1 – Market Information, Competitive Advantages and Strategic Focus
Due Week 2
Based on research of the internal and external environment, determine strategic new direction
•    Using the Marketing Plan Worksheets as guides, prepare the following analysis:
•    Provide a Situational Analysis of the current Internal and Customer Environments
•    Research and prepare an analysis of the External Environment
•    Complete SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix
•    Develop at least 3 Competitive Advantages based on SWOT analysis
•    Develop a Strategic Focus from the most sustainable competitive advantages.

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