1) Working in small groups, Develop a product to launch/market/promote etc. This product may be new to the market, copycat or purely hypothetical.
Using direct text, lecture notes and module hand book as guidance, alongside recognized research methods, apply all relevant aspects of marketing to this product, as you would if you were the actual production organization with a marketing department at your disposal. (500 WORDS)

2) This assessment comprises three separate parts.
A)  INDIVIDUAL REPORT of your role within the group. Method of research. Your reasoning for application of those methods and how you reached your decisions, i.e. on what did you base those decisions?
C) GROUP REPORT. This should consist of rationale for both the product and the marketing methods used. (1500)

3) ASSESSMENT Criteria
A) Presentation and structure.
The report should have a coherent and logical structure. Firstly the facts should be set out, then each issue should be analysed in turn before an eventual conclusion is drawn.  e.g. What methods could you have used? Which did you choose? Why? Do you consider you succeeded in your efforts?
B) Knowledge of key principles.
Evidence should be provided of knowledge of key principles and applications relevant to your chosen product. Reference to considerations must be both appropriate and accurate and include all stages of the marketing process.
C) Depth of Analysis
The key issues should be analysed and discussed in sufficient depth. This should involve the use and comparison of key cases. e.g. Marks and Spencer, Pizza Hut.
The facts of the case should be applied to the appropriate stages of development.
D) Appropriateness of Advice
The report should meet the requirements of the brief as outlined above. The advice provided should flow from the analysis of all issues discussed and should reflect both proven  principles of practice and the appropriateness of application, to your own, particular, chosen product at each stage of the process.

1. The product we develop   to launch/market/promote is new to the market and is a TRANSPARENT TOASTER.

2. We are SIX in the group and  we decided the following PLAN for our report: a) Introduction, b) Price (level 8-10, discrimination, discount), c) Product (design, packing, display, brand),  d) Promotion (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling), E) PLACE OR DISTRIBUTION (WAREHOUSING, TRANSPORTATION, SERVICE AND STOCK HOLDING), f) Conclusion

3. I would like   to prepare for me the E) PLACE OR DISTRIBUTION (WAREHOUSING, TRANSPORTATION, SERVICE AND STOCK HOLDING) 275 WORDS. I would also like   to prepare for me the INDIVIDUAL REPORT of my role within the group. Method of research. My reasoning for application of those methods and how I  reached my decisions, i.e. on what did I base those decisions 550 WORDS.

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