Marketing Strategy Group Assignment

Your challenge for this assignment is to develop a marketing plan for a new service oriented business. This does not have to be a logistics company but it needs to be a new concept that is designed to meet the needs of a targeted market segment.

You will need to develop the following:

1) Pricing Strategy  How will you price service? How much will you charge? How will this position you compared to your competition? How will this pricing strategy help in the positioning of your service?

2) Promotion Develop a promotion campaign. Will you utilize print ads, internet, radio, television, publicity? Develop some sample ads. Where will you place these ads?

Information: Skater shoes are just shoes, plain and simple. Skater refers to a specific style (e.g. high heels, tennis shoe, running shoe dress shoe, etc.). The difference between shoes and skater shoe is that skater shoes have teenagers as their target market. That’s about the only difference. Just want to make sure that you know we aren’t talking about roller skates.

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