The exam consists of four questions:  select any THREE and answer each in a clear, well written essay of approximately 2-3 pages per question.  Carefully proof your essay for spelling, grammar, punctuation, diction, and style.  Add footnotes and/or references where appropriate.

You may use any resources you like, including classmates, to answer your essays.  Once you are ready, however, write your answers on your own.

Please do not ask for an extension:  I need to get these graded rapidly to meet university requirements.

Question A. How does an HMO – generally selected by an employer – affect the brand loyalty of the end user customer?  Consider choice of physician, choice of drug therapy, choice of treatment approach, and other factors.  What kinds of advertising or PR messages can be used to enhance customer loyalty in this situation?

Question B. A free standing emergency medical clinic (“Doc-in-a-box”) has just instituted a major and expensive multi-media marketing campaign to encourage use by local neighbors.  The management of the clinic decides they should evaluate the success of their marketing efforts.  What tool or tools do you recommend for monitoring their marketing effort?  Why?

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