“mean girls” or “thirteen”

Paper – Adolescent Portraits in Society or Popular Culture: In this writing assignment, writer will choose anScene from a movie in which at least one of the main characters is a child/ or an adolescent. Students will summarize the scene, and analyze the individual and contextual influences portrayed. Students will apply course concepts, research, and relevant theories to explain the experiences of the character. Next, students will reflect on whether the depiction is realistic, how it illustrates or deviates from course material, and how it is similar to or different than their own experiences. So, you should use eight concept from this book, and explain them. the book”Arnett, J. (2012). Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood. (5th ed.). Pearson. ISBN 0205892493″ you should find a research about what you wrote.
if you like to write about” thirteen” it is ok. so you can choose between “mean girls” and “thirteen”

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