Media Roles in Body Image

Thesis Statement: The media creates the ideal body image of women and men causing young individuals to doubt their appearances, which then led to severe eating disorders.
For this paper, I will need to collect a minimum of 10 sources. These can include:

Periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper) * this may be electronic *
Government publication * this may be electronic *
Reliable, authored websites * a maximum of 4 websites may be used. If you exceed 10 sources, that number can increase. All need to be credible. You will lose credit for poor sources including Wikipedia, You Tube videos, blogs, and uncredible websites. *
A personal interview with someone who has expertise on the issue
Film on the subject
Surveys, studies, graphs, etc.
Primary sources including lectures, letters, original documents (ex. The Constitution), etc.
You should address the following questions in your paper:-

– Thesis: Why is this an important issue and why should others care?

– Give your readers background/context. When did this start becoming an issue? Who or what is impacted (who are the stakeholders)?

– What are the causes of this problem?

– What are the proposed solutions? Through your research, which one(s) seem most viable?

– Who can help? Can individuals make a difference?

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