Mediation and Advocacy in the Human Services Field

Mediation and Advocacy

A) The Texas Association of Mediators (TAM) is a multidisciplinary organization formed to provide leadership and education on mediation and its importance. It is an association of mediators from different parts of the state who share information and understanding between themselves. The main aims of the organization are; to support and encourage the use of mediation in the society, to bring forth the cooperation and enhance communication between people and groups besides outlining factors that hinder efforts aimed at developing lasting solutions to conflict. It also promotes the moral practice of mediation, which helps in illustrating and spreading the right ideals for people to familiarize and embrace. The organization sponsors the study on mediations to encourage the number of members joining the board and other mediation associations. It also supports the growth and development of young mediators.

Mediators and advocates here help solve:

-the conflicts between neighbors and differences in families.

-disputes between merchants and consumers

-misunderstanding between landlords and tenants.

-breach of contract by employers on employees.

B) Mediation Northern Ireland (1985) acts as a medium of conflict resolution in conflict prone of the United Kingdom particularly Northern Ireland. The organization has its roots in the initiatives of the Corrymeela Community aimed at promoting mediation skills among the members of community. Initially it conducted its activities under the banner of Northern Ireland Conflict and Mediation Association (NICMA) before changing its name to the current Mediation Northern Ireland (MNI)

Its main objectives include:

-Promoting non-violent approaches in conflict resolution and mutual respect among the warring parties; it seeks to reveal the suffering brought about by fighting, and insists on the importance of peace. By advancing the notion that everyone has a significant role to play in society helps, maintain respect among different cultures and tribes.

-Integrity and justice; by tackling every side of conflicts and ensuring that there is even actions on both parties. It deals directly with enmity and helps in building relationships and making sure every one has equal positions below the law for justice to be implemented impartially. The Bristol Mediation, (1987), which operates under the Neighbor Mediation Service is mainly focused on workshops aimed at promoting awareness among the offenders on the consequences of their actions and how this affects society in general. Furthermore, they build bridges between neighbors and communities, which help the victims forgive the offenders thereby leading to reconciliation between the rivals. Both the offenders and the victims have confessed to the positive impacted generated by the organization’s influence.

It provides the offenders with the opportunity to communicate with their victims and apologize for their actions. The main emphasis is on Restorative Justice especially with the lawbreakers and promotes public awareness on this mode of conflict resolution. All these have brought peace, understanding and respect among communities.












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