A. Study Design
How will the study be organized to effectively answer the posed question? What type of study will you conduct (observational, experimental, or theoretical)? Explain and justify. What are your treatment groups, how will they be organized? What are the controls used for comparison? A field-based project might benefit from a map of the research area. A laboratory project might benefit from a diagram showing the structure of the study/ experiment.
B. Data Collection
Exactly what data will be collected to make your comparison? What collection techniques (field, laboratory, survey, or clinical) will you use (reference the literature where appropriate)? If you develop new methods, explain why they are needed. Explain and justify your decisions about what to collect and how you are collecting it.
C. Data Analysis
How will the collected data be analyzed to answer your research question? Where appropriate, which statistical tests will be used to evaluate your hypotheses? Justify your choices by comparing to previously published research.

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