Michael Moore and John Gatto

In this essay you will discuss the issues brought up in the essays by John Gatto and Michael Moore about our educational system and its effect on society.

In this rubric, I will first describe the topic of the essay; then I will lay out the guidelines.

The essay will achieve three goals –
a. Content: on what do the two authors agree, and on what do they disagree? What are they saying about our educational system and its effect on society?
b. Form: How do the two essays differ in how the material is presented? Why are they done differently?
c. Are the two essays equally effective, or do you find one more convincing or interesting than the other? Why is that? In your view, are the authors accurate in their assessments of the school system?

The essay does not have to deal with those three things in that order, but whatever order you use must make sense – organization is part of the grade.


1. The essay must be no less than 1100 words in length, and be turned in as a URL visible and posted on the wiki site by the deadline. No late papers will be accepted for any reason.
2. You must meet with me in person at least once about this essay before it’s turned in. A schedule will be created.
3. The essay must use specific relevant references from the Gatto and Moore essays to support what you say, and must include at least TWO (2) relevant research sources that are not one of those essays. All citations, including for Moore and Gatto, should be in MLA format and be contained in a WORKS CITED page at the end. Any sources you use for information but do not directly cite should be included in a Bibliography.
4. The opening paragraph must be relevant to the subject matter, and not make any reference to either of the authors nor to their essays.
5. The essay must include a clear thesis statement about your assessment of “c.” above.
6. You may use any format for the essay you like, as long as it achieves the guidelines and makes sense.
7. The essay must have a title that is relevant to the paper, and a concluding paragraph that effectively ends the essay and is not one of the body paragraphs.
8. The essay must be organized, edited and proofread appropriately for this stage of the class.

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