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Mobily - Accurate Essays


Select ONE Saudi/GCC corporation and formulate a strategy for the company.

I chose telecommunication company (Mobily)

Part 1
1.1 Company profile and background
1.2 Your proposal on type of business the company should involve with justification (how the business you propose consistent and link with the company’s vision, mission and goals)

Part 2
2.1 Analyze the general and competitive environment of the business that you propose tocompany (use PEST, Porter 5 Forces and SWOT)

2.2 Analyze the internal environment of the company and how your analysis support the business proposal (use value chain, RBV model, performance analysis)

Part 3
3.1 Analyze the strategies at the business and corporate level for the company (use Generic strategies, PLC theory, Ansoff matrix, BCG matrix, MCKinsey matrix)

3.2 Based on your analysis in 3.1, design the business and corporate level strategies andinternational strategies for the company toimplement your business proposal within itscapabilities and resources that it has.

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