Movitations for Volunteering

1) access and read the “Outlining Your Paper” PowerPoint in the Week 7 Folder. [Note: The links only work in “play” mode.]

2) Start by creating an APA style title page with all the appropriate information. Don’t forget the Running Head.

3) Create a page break and add the heading for the Abstract

4) Create a page break and add the headings for the Body of the paper. Use the headings that I have indicated.

5) Create a page break and add the heading for the References

6) Now go back and for each item, in each section that I have indicated in the Powerpoint, create one complete sentence to start that item. For example, wherever it says transition, write a sentence that uses a transitional phrase that leads into that section of the paper. [NOTE: You will not be able to complete the Abstract, Findings, Discussion and Conclusion sections at this point – just put the headings]

7) Make a complete opening sentence for every item that you possibly can.

8) In the “Literature Review” section do not simply list each of the items in your annotated bibliography as paragraphs. Read the resource about creating a literature review and try to create at least 3 main points and tie the articles together under those points. Just create the outline with full sentences at this point.

9) Check out the sample outline of the “Cell Phone Usage” paper.

10) Don’t forget to participate in the Week 7 discussion board.

11) When ready, create a .pdf, labelled correctly, and upload to the assignment.

and it has to be same fomat as the Sample i upload on the file.
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Paper Proposal.

On the
(Methodology) section, Find more websites-5
Take screen shots Analyse based on intrinsic or extrinsic Movivation.

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