Music reaction review

Below are links for three different world music cultures. You will choose ONE culture, read the article on that culture, and watch the youtube clip of the music. Once you read and watch the links, go to Canvas, click on the discussions tab on the left hand side of the screen, start a new discussion, make the title the name of the culture you will discuss, and post a reaction to the article/music. Also, make a comparison of the music you discuss in your post with Western music (which we have studied all semester long). Your post should be at least five sentences long. Once you make your own post, find a post of one of your classmates that you find interesting and reply to their thread with your thoughts on their post (You may agree and elaborate on their post, or disagree and post a counterpoint). This reply should be at least three sentences long.

1. A reaction to the article
2. A reaction to the video
3. A connection to Western music (compare or contrast)

This assignment will add between one and five percent to your final overall grade depending on the quality of your posts. You will be graded on how well you follow directions and quality of content. Here are the three music cultures to choose from:

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