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Nature vs. Nurture - Accurate Essays

Nature vs. Nurture

Content: Does the paper The Final Paper in this course will be based on the Nature vs. Nurture argument. Integrate what you have learned from the information in your text and at least 2 outside sources to answer the following questions:

What are your thoughts on the Nature vs. Nurture argument?
What is the history of this issue?
What are the most essential characteristics of this issue?
What are you concluding thoughts?
Your paper should be 3 pages and formatted based on the APA guidelines. However, you may write in first person, since this paper is based upon your opinion. You will also not be required to write an abstract. Be sure to include a title page, reference page, and second level headings. Refer to the Final Paper Checklist to ensure you’ve included all of the required parts of the assignment
over the subject as thoroughly as possible? Does it demonstrate a personal understanding of the subject?
Introduction: Paper has an introductory paragraph
Questions: Is subject of the paper properly addressed?
Guidelines: Did student stay within the guidelines given?
Conclusion: Paper is given a concluding paragraph
Spelling/Grammar: Minus 1 point per mistake
Directions: Is this page provided as the last page of the paper?
Content Total:
APA Format
Cover Page: Title of paper, course name, student name, running head, page number
Headings: Correct level – Title, all questions, References
Margins/Spacing: 1″ argins, & everything double-spaced
Header: Each page has the running head and the correct page number from edge, top right corner

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