New Zealand health law and policy

Describe and then critically analyse the likely legal outcomes of the following fact pattern based on New Zealand law:

A 66 year person was a resident in a retirement home. In Feb 2010, her daughter became concerned about her mother’s untreated bedsores. The daughter raised the concerns with the staff nurse but was ignored. Her mother was hospitalised for 2 weeks. The daughter also discovered that from Feb 2009- Feb 2010, her mother had been overcharged by the retirement home for $11, 111 for: medicines; podiatry services ($100 per hour instead of $50 per hour); and oral therapy and psychological services that did not occur.
(Highlight the potential legal laws, options for daughter to go for complaints etc.)
Learning Outcomes that needs to be met to pass this assignment:
–    Demonstrate understanding of legal institutions and process in NZ Healthcare
–    Analyse role of civil and criminal law on health care policy and practice
–    Critique legislation and cases relating to consumers’ rights
–    Examine the implications of case law and legislation for current or future health care practice
–    Develop arguments informed and supported with relevant literature
–    Present work at appropriate academic standard ( referencing in APA 6TH Edition)
–    This is a critical analyses – must include relevant literature ( include New Zealand and overseas)
–    APA 6th Edition referencing needed

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