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Newsletter Article

For this assessment you make a NEWSLETTER ARTICLES- a series of 2 x 500 words (each articles MUST be 500. No more than 510). 3 Sources Per Article.
For more Info.. please refer to the upload material.



For this assessment you make a NEWSLETTER ARTICLES- a series of 2 x 500 words (each articles MUST be 500. No more than 510).


Requirements for both Tasks

– Reflect information from lecture note (Refer to upload articles)… e.g. Ages and stages, diet and nutrition.

– A cover page that clearly defines the target audience or age group that you are pitching you information to.

– Use appropriate dental and health terminology, spelling and expression. Remember the purpose of the poster, brochure and news articles is to provide information to motivate the readers to improve their dental health and health knowledge so should be upbeat and positive rather than ugly and scary.


Choose ONE age group from the list below. This will be the target audience for your assignment.

A. Parents and preschool children

B. Primary school families

C. Adolescents

D. Young women

E. Men’s dental health

F. New mothers and babies

G. Older adults

H. Carer of people with disabilities or special need- your choice to identify the group

I. Dental health advice for Indigenous Health

J. A specific Cultural group- your choice to identify the group


Topic Choices From:


A. Hidden sugars

B. How to read a food label

C. Sugar and Simple carbohydrates affect on dental health

D. Diet and Dental Disease

E. Tooth brushing to prevent dental disease

F. Toothpastes

G. Plaque removal

H. Benefits of regular dental visits (or first dental visit)

I. Benefits of drinking fluoridated water

J. Progression of decay

K. The connection between general health and dental health (can make this specific to you target group)

L. Maintain dental health while taking medication (can make this specific to your target group)

M. Healthy saliva




Two articles of x 500 words news articles that can be submitted for publication. choose two topics from the list above applicable to the targeted audience you have nominated. Topics of your articles cannot be the same topic; it is meant to be a set of articles that culled be published in a newsletter over a few weeks.





My first group age (Target Audience) is Primary School Families. And the two topics that I want for this target audience are:

1-   Toothpaste

2-   How to read a food label




My second group age is Older Adults. And the two topics for this audience are:

1-   Diet and Dental Disease

2-   Benefit of regular dental visit (or first dental visit)


For each article the word Limit has to be no more that 510 words!































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