Reflective Paper 1,500 words


The focus of this assessment is on the relationship between health and culture and the implications for the health professional.


You are required to choose ONE of the following aspects of culture as the basis for this reflective paper – either cultural identity OR cultural safety OR cultural shock.


The paper must include the sections outlined below.

•       Describe the concept of cultural identity OR cultural safety OR cultural shock, and explain its relationship to health. (400 words)


•       Analyse and discuss the concept you have chosen as portrayed in the Video Crossing the Line in relation to health. (600 words)


A synopsis of the video can be obtained from the link below:


•       Write a critical reflection on the implications of the link between health and the concept you have chosen for yourself as a health professional. (500 words)


Please Note: Reflective writing is defined by Moon (n.d.) as the ‘expression …of some of the mental processes of reflection’…’ reflection lies somewhere around the notion of learning and thinking’. Reflective writing has a purpose and it involves sorting out knowledge, ideas, awareness, emotions etc with a view to ‘either recognise that you have learnt something new or that you need to reflect more with, perhaps further input’. Reflective writing also has an end point, you may write a conclusive statement stating what you have come to know, discover or learn, or you may choose to make an inconclusive statement but with a clear statement of what you need to consider next in the process. Develop your own voice in your paper which means you have to write
using ‘first person’ pronoun in your reflection.


Referencing style to be used: Harvard Referencing




Here is some information about the VIDEO:


Please do some research about this video

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