Nursing shortage

Please follow the following outline as the paper is being written. It is what is required from the professor. Thank you.
I. Introduction
A. Introduce the topic
B. Give background on the topic
C. State your position
II. Counter Argument
A. Summarize counterclaims
B. Provide supporting information for counter claims
C. Refute counterclaims
D. Give evidence for your argument
III. Your Argument
A. Make your first point
1. Give your opinion
2. Give supporting evidence
B. Make your second point
1. Give your opinion
2. Give supporting evidence
C. Etc.
IV. Conclusion
A. Restate your argument
B. State a plan of action
V. Reference List

This paper is going to talk about the nursing shortage and the ongoing problems organizations face due to the shortage. This is strictly from a nursing point of view.
Also, when using references, please state where in the paper references were used

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