This is your final project for the course and is an individual assignment (not a group assignment) The purpose is to demonstrate your ability to apply and integrate a variety of theories into a practice setting.

Selected one nurse theorist and three additional non-nursing/borrowed theories and apply each to a case study. Include all of the following criteria in your assignment:
1. Identify how the concepts from each of the theories you have chosen could be used in planning care for a client, family or community.
2. Apply each of the theories to a case study.
3. The paper should include an introduction, a presentation of the case study, a thorough discussion of each theory, and a complete demonstration of its application to the case, and a conclusion.
4. Use APA level 1 and 3 headings to organize your paper.
5. Page requirement: 6-8 pages, excluding title page and reference page. (Maximum of 8 pages)
6. A minimum of (4) scholarly references required (remember that evidence based or scholarly resources do not typically include websites!).

The nurse theorist I chose is Rosemarie Rizzo Parse; however I don’t care if you use another theorist as long as the rubric is followed.

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