Nutrition and Performance

You have learned many aspects related to diet, health, nutrition, and exercise throughout the quarter. You have also created personal goals related to your own nutrition and exercise habits. Complete the following using specific examples from videos/articles/the book/etc. used this quarter.
1. What did you learn that was beneficial to you? Be specific (i.e. give specific examples and references). Why did you find this beneficial? How will you apply what you have learned to your personal lifestyle? (Minimum 1 page)
2. Discuss useful information that you learned about each of the following and their role in exercise: carbohydrates, protein, fats, and supplements. Be sure to reference material from the course and provide comprehensive analysis. (Minimum 1 paragraph on each topic underlined above)
3. What have you learned about maintaining your weight, putting on lean mass and/or taking off weight healthfully? Give a specific example(s) and provide a reference(s). How is this information useful to your health? (Minimum 1 page)
4. What have you learned about your neighborhood, society, etc.? How will this benefit you? (Minimum 1 page)
5. Reflect on your progress you have made towards your goals, and changes you have made in your diet and/or exercise regimen. How did this class help you with your goals and/or any changes you have made? How do you plan on continuing forward and using this knowledge in your future? Add any relevant information in your reflection that you find necessary. (Minimum 1 page)

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