Obedience to Authority

Write an essay why Ed Husain made the choice that he did and relate it to ideas brought up in the Obedience to Authority unit.
How much do you know about Islam? And what do you associate with the word Islam?
What was  childhood like? What was his family like?
What kind of environment did he grow up in?
How did he get involved in fundamentalist Islam?
What did he learn at the end of the book? How did he change?
Your essay must based on the The Islamist by Ed husain.

The way to get a ebook (The Islamist)
1.Go to http://us.penguingroup.com/ Sign in ID is noljaxx@gmail.com
2.Then, click order history section re-type the noljaxx@gmail.com and click
the order#82379951712 and download the file.
3.Go to http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ And then download the adobe digital editions and install it. After that you can open the ebook.
4. Adobe ID: noljaxx@gmail.com Password: no0325 If you can’t access tell me.

*You must have a clearly stated thesis statement.
*You must use at least four direct quotations from the book. Use quotes to support your ideas
*Your arguments must be backed up by reasonable support!
*Please watch your pronoun agreement and shifts.
*Avoid the passive voice and excessive use of the “to be” verb.
*Strong thesis is required.

I will send you the reading logs of this book. And also you can download ebook from the web site where I mention it.

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