objectivity and bias

answer these questions on the book “there are no children here” by Alex Kotlowitz

Questions / Answers / Predictions (QAP)
a. Based on the previous reading, what questions do you have about: -character motivation? -thematic purpose? Note: questions need to be at the analytical level.
b. Based on the assigned reading, what does the text provide in terms of answers? -responses must incorporate textual references, including quotations -responses must be written with attention to the entire text
c. What predictions ensue based on your thinking?

As evidence of higher order thinking skills. your comments can also include statements that begin with the author’s beliefs. By noting such examples of tone, or attitude, you demonstrate your ability to infer another’s perspective.

Also, the challenge in using higher order thinking skills is to reveal your bias in an objective manner. Following are sample statements of evaluation, all of which are limited in terms of their ability to successfully portray student/thinker’s writing:

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