Ongoing Financial Crisis and the Prospect of Canadian Dollar

Subject Limitations:
Provide a brief explanation of causes and impacts of ongoing financial crisis
A brief explanation of monetary and fiscal policies taken in response to financial crisis
A brief explanation about the change in exchange rate in recent years
Do you find any link between stabilization policies and exchange rate
Do you think any exchange rate model(s) support your explanation? Why or why not? Explain
There is no requirement that you write something your instructor will agree with-it is more important that what you write is well thought out. Using the materials that you have learnt in Econ3680 is required
Length of the Assignment:
6-7 pages, double spaced, typed
Graphs, Table, and References may take up additional pages (Preferably in an appendix to the paper)
Reference must be added
Find a relevant article in newspaper, magazines or journals (add this article with your submission)
Proper referencing style to be followed (APA or MLA)

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