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***Please use peer reviews in reference section***

Week 7 involved the identification of several causes and effects of your identified problem/issue. This Application Assignment requires that you integrate the top four causes and effects into a critical analysis narrative. A critical analysis narrative includes a thorough discussion of each cause (fully describe the source) and its effects (fully describe who is impacted and how). Following the description of all four causes and effects, a critical analysis narrative ends with a final paragraph that briefly summarizes the four causes and your reaction to the relationship between these causes and the development of the problem/issue.
To prepare:
Review the list of identified causes and effects that you generated.
Review the “Critical Analysis Template paying particular attention to the components of the critical analysis narrative.
Analyze causes and effects of a problem/issue.
Apply research to critical analysis of problem/issue.
Integrate causes/effects into a critical analysis narrative.
The assignment:
In 3 pages, respond to the following:
1. Identify the four causes and effects you have selected to incorporate into an integrated critical analysis narrative.
2. Write an integrated critical analysis narrative that incorporates the four causes and effects you identified.
3. Explain your reaction to the results of your critical analysis. Could these causes have been prevented? Which one do you think was most important in leading to the problem?


Critical Analysis Template

Please review the following steps in critically analyzing your identified problem/issue


Step 1

Review the literature (10-12) sources.


Step 2

For each source summarize answers to the following questions: When and how did the problem/issue begin? Who does this problem affect? Who is hurt by this problem?  Who benefits from this problem?


Using the example of the evacuation plan for New Orleans (from the Capstone powerpoint and sample problem statement templates) here is how I would answer the first question.  Source Associated Press news story: It was clear that the evacuation plan was poor or mismanaged on August 28th, the day the evacuation of New Orleans was ordered one day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. According to the article, the only notification was through the media. The mobilization of the national guard was delayed and when the storm hit there were several thousand people still in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.


Step 3

Take each question separately and summarize it for all the collected sources.

Using the same example:

Six of the 10 sources collected confirm that the evacuation was poorly developed and poorly implemented.  While some sources focused on the slowness with which the evacuation of New Orleans was ordered by the city government, other sources focused on how little the federal government did to assist ahead of time in implementing the evacuation of the New Orleans residents prior to Hurricane Katrina reaching New Orleans.


Step 4

Compile the summaries of each question into a narrative (similar to the narrative created for the literature review).  Be sure to cite your literature sources throughout the critical analysis.  End the critical analysis narrative with a concluding paragraph about your reaction to the critical analysis.  Where you surprised at your findings?

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