ontological designing

In this assessment you will draw on the work of Tony Fry, especially his idea of ontological designing
to write a critical review (this is not a conventional review) on a selected object and/or experience in
time. An understanding of ontological designing demonstrates the close and relational nature
between humans, non-­?humans, material and immaterial things. As Fry argues:

… we are all born into a world of structures that structure our habitus. Designed things fold
into this condition. The designed things of the world into which we are born, learn to
understand, occupy and employ, themselves design very many of our capabilities, habits,
perceptions, and desires. At the same time, in our being in this world, we act upon it and
contribute to its making and unmaking (knowingly or unknowingly, again often by design).
(Tony Fry 2009, p. 34)

Think of an object and/or experience in time.
1. DESCRIBE how it is a part of a complex relational network that constitutes a particular environment.
Discuss how this environment has designing agency (i.e. how it shapes and reshapes people’s
capabilities, habits, perceptions and desires).
2. TRACE its history. Describe the way it has made NEW environments occupying various modes of
being across time. Include IMAGES to demonstrate the way environments have changed as a result.

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