Choose a major historical contributor to modern psychology (from Wilhelm Wundt forward).  Research extensively about his or her life, and then discuss what you learned and how this individual has influenced other psychologists, influenced and been influenced by his or her culture, and influenced one or more major divisions/systems/paradigms of modern psychology.  You can start with the following things

1.      Where was this psychologist born? Where did he/she grow up?
2.      What was his/her childhood and adolescence like?
3.      Who were his/her parents and what did his/her father and/or mother do for a living?
4.      Briefly outline his/her career.
5.      Briefly describe the core elements of his/her approach to his/her specialties in psychology.
6.      Find two-three major criticisms of his/her research/methods/ideas.
7.      Who mentored him/her and who did he/she mentor?
8.      What sub-division(s) of psychology did this person specialize in and influence in a major way?

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