Please make 2substantive 200 word Peer Reply (comment on their answer) to a question answered by another classmate.

The question:

What is the support, assistance; answers, thoughts, comments, ideas, suggestions, input/feedback that you can provide your classmates for their HRD professional interview and paper?

Peer answer 1:

It had been a long time since I had interviewed a professional for school purposes. I thought I had everything in place, but after the interviews were complete, I realized there were aspects I should have done differently. I hope you find my ideas and suggestions helpful. First, make sure that you have a tape recorder. This is an item I wanted to use, but I was not able to get it before the interviews. These recordings allow you to quote your interviewee more frequently, which strengthens and validates your theories and concepts. I do believe it is necessary to take a few notes during the interview. Technology does not always work the way we would like it to.

One other suggestion is to be sure that your questions flow in a conversational manner. When interviews feel like friendly conversations, your interviewee may feel more comfortable with you. Because of this, you could end up with more details on HRD topics than you expected. One of my HR professionals told me that she really enjoyed the interview and that it felt like we were having a great conversation.

Next, make sure that you plan ahead. Send your questions in advance, if possible. I know my interviewees really appreciated that because they could think about their responses or look up statistical information before the interview occurred. Allow time in the interview for questions that may arise that you did not include in your original list.

Lastly, have fun with it. Choose a topic that you are interested in. I am interested in mentoring in the workplace, so I made sure my questions were tailored for this.


Peer answer 2:

I do not feel that I need any help at this point.  It seemed to be helpful to view other classmate’s questions that they have been posting throughout the semester.  We also did a similar project in the 605 course, so this was helpful for me as well. My suggestion would just be to focus on a topic that is actually of interest to you.  The interview will not only be more interesting but mean a lot more to you.  The more that it means to you, the more you will take away from it.  Think of this project as an awesome learning experience, which it is, rather than just an assignment.  I was very excited to be doing this project again because I really want to further my HR career and the more I can learn about HRD the better!

Share, post your HRD professional interview purpose and questions; whatever you are thinking about or working on for your interview paper, and any questions you have; any ideas, suggestions, input/feedback you would like.

I chose to interview two HR Managers actually in my organization.  We are such a large, global organization I do not feel like I get a good grasp on HR in our organization with being in the Recruiting function.  It was very interesting and exciting to learn more about our initiatives.  My main purpose was to really enrich myself in how HR works in my organization.  I aspire to be an HR Manager some day, so it was very exciting to get to interview two ladies in this position currently.

Some of the questions that I focused on were…

Practitioner Information

1.  Where did you receive your formal education or training?

2.  How many years have you been in your current role?  How many years in HR?

3.  What are your personal focus/ goals in your current role and in your career?

4.  What do you like/ dislike about your current role?

Training and Mentoring

1.  What training initiatives are available and supported within the organization?  What do you recommend for your employees?

2.  How are training needs identified and chosen?

3.  Have you thought of developing a formal mentoring program among employees to aid in retention? What were the results?

4.  What is your experience with mentoring?  Have you been mentored and if so did it influence your development?

HR Issues

1.  What HRD issues/ challenges has the company experienced both historically and recently?

2.  What is the most difficult HRD challenge you have experienced at your current organization?  How did you deal with it?

The Future of HRD

1.  What are the organization’s HRD goals for 2013?

2.  How would you describe the future of HRD in your organization and in general?

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