Personal Narrative Essay

You will write an essay that conforms to the characteristics of narration discussed in class and illustrated in the samples we will examine and discuss. Begin with an introduction that contains a controlling idea (informal thesis statement) which expresses the point of the story that you will tell in the essay. The body paragraphs should actually tell the story, and the conclusion should express the significance of the incident or experience. In a Personal Narrative, the guidelines for the introduction and conclusion are not a strictly defined as in more academic works. Multiple short paragraphs frequently work as well as single paragraphs to accomplish the objectives of these sections.
You should select a topic that focuses on an experience or incident about which there is a clear beginning, middle, and end. In chronological order (or not), it should clearly tell the details of an event that happened, that reached a point of climax, and that had a clear resolution or outcome. It can be an incident that happened to you or something that you made up (not something that you read in a story or saw in a film). Because this essay will be a personal narrative, you may use first person, but third person is also acceptable.
The focus is on your ability to engage readers through use of story and description.

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