Explain in your own words the debate between the life-based variation of
the design argument (AKA teleological argument) and the theory of evolution. (Note that
you are not being asked to take a position.)

1) Explain the conclusion of the design argument.
2) Explain its premises, why they seem true and how they support the conclusion.
3) Explain the theory of evolution.
4) Explain why the theory of evolution contradicts the conclusion of the design
5) Explain at least one rebuttal to the theory of evolution from the supporters of the
design argument.
6) If you have space left, briefly explain another arguments for or against the
existence of God discussed in class.
7) Write an introduction for the essay. This must have a statement of the goal of the
essay and of the plan you will follow to achieve it. It may also provide further
context such as historical information. Also, feel free to add a word or two about
why the problem is worth reading about.
8) Write a conclusion for the essay. This must have a rough statement of what you
have tried to do. Also, you may want to add some questions that the previous
discussion leaves open.

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